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Top 3 Websites To Find Printable Paint Coupons

Paint coupons are often available for major brands such as Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Behr paints but finding them can be difficult. To make this easier I’ve put together a list of websites where I often find printable coupons for many of these paint brands. I updated this site for years but don’t have the time to do it anymore so I figured why not just teach you how to find the coupons I use to post here. I think of it as cutting out the middle man . Anyway below is a collection of the websites I used to find paint coupons. Enjoy

1.  Coupon Databases – The thing I do each month when looking for paint coupons was to check the coupon databases. These databases are a great resource for the avid couponer. They make finding coupons so easy and efficient. I think my favorite was Below is a shot of the one’s I found this month from their site. Glidden paint coupons     2.  Comapny Promotion Pages – Most major brands of paint will have a promotion section on their website this is great for manufacture coupons as these are not often posted on third party sites. Sherwin Williams promotion page is and Benjamin Moors Promotion page is for their site you will need to sign up to get paint coupons and special offers. sherwin williams coupon

3. Facebook pages – Are a great place to find coupons, there are several fan run coupon pages for major brands of paint. You might not always find a coupon here but you sure will meet a few people that would be glad to share the paint coupon with you when they find it. What a great place to network.  Some pages include this Sherwin Williams paint coupon Facebook page   or this Benjamin Moore Coupon Fan Page

That does it for my suggestions hopefully these sites help you find a coupon or two this month. If you know of another website that would be great to add to this list let us know about it and I’ll add it here.