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Glidden coupon

Glidden Paint Coupons August 2012

Lately it seems hard to find paint coupons but I found one over at Walmart this week. This Glidden paint coupon can be used to test out new paint colors and you can buy up to two of these Paint Testers with this paint coupon. This is a neat idea as sometimes it can be really difficult to choose a new paint color. At least now you can narrow down your choices and then always pick two shades of the same main color to test out at home.

You can get this Glidden coupon by clicking on the image of the paint coupon I’ve posted above I’ve linked directly to where you can print it off!

By reading the coupon you can see that this one must be used at Walmart stores only.

Many people prefer to wait until Fall to paint and this can be a good idea, the weather is a little cooler and your paint will not dry as quickly making it easier to apply evenly. Plus it is still warm enough to keep your windows open especially if the smell of the paint bothers anyone in your family.

Fall is a wonderful season to change your decor and get ready for the winter. As well as painting both indoors and outside you want to start making sure your home is weatherproofed properly. Doing this early will help you save money on your heating costs for the upcoming season.

Don’t forget about sprucing up the outside of your home as well. Maybe your garage door or front door needs a new coat of paint. What about your trim work does it need a facelift? Many times the trim work starts to rust and could really do with a fresh coat of paint.

Remember to use the above paint coupon this month and freshen up at least one area of your home.